DSP Guide Probe Sensor Strength: Faction: System Security: Ladar Region
Low-sec Exploration Signatures

Signal Strength
Magnetometric Gravimetric Ladar*






Small Average Large

4 AU P rovisional Angel Outpost Provisional Blood Outpost Provisional Gurista Outpost Provisional Sansha Outpost Provisional Serpentis Outpost (faction) Provisional Outpost Rogue Trial Yard Small Gneiss Deposit
6.22 AU


Angel Occupied Mining Colony Mul-Zatah Monastery Gurista Scout Outpost Sansha's Nation Occupied Mining Colony Sansha's Command Relay Outpost (3/10)*** Serpentis Phi-Outpost Rogue Drone Asteroid Infestation (3/10)*
Angel Outpost Blood Outpost Gurista Outpost Sansha Outpost Serpentis Outpost (faction) Outpost Dirty Site
  • to C3 (X702)
  • K162
  • Regional (pirate) Data Fortress
  • Regional (pirate) Mainframe
  • Decayed (pirate) Particle Accelerator
  • Decayed (pirate) Excavation
  • Ransacked (pirate) Ship Remnants
  • Ransacked (pirate) Explosive Debris
Small Dark Ochre and Gneiss Deposit Average Gneiss Deposit
6.96 AU Serpentis Logistical Outpost
7.33 AU


Angel's Red Light District Blood Raider Psychotropics Depot Guristas Hallucinogen Supply Waypoint Sansha's Nation Neural Paralysis Serpentis Corporation Hydroponics Site Outgrowth Rogue Drone Hive
Minor Angel Annex Minor Blood Annex Minor Gurista Annex Minor Sansha Annex Minor Serpentis Annex Minor (faction) Annex Genom's Secret Outpost** Ruins
  • to Hs (B449)
  • Regional (pirate) Data Processing Center
  • Regional (pirate) Command Center
  • Decayed (pirate) Collision Site
  • Decayed (pirate) Mass Grave
  • Ransacked (pirate) Abandoned Station
  • Ransacked (pirate) Dumped Cargo
Small Crokite, Dark Ochre and Gneiss Deposit Average Dark Ochre and Gneiss Deposit Large Gneiss Deposit
7.89 AU


Crimson Hand Supply Depot Guristas Troop Reinvigoration Camp Sansha War Supply Complex
Angel Annex Blood Annex Gurista Annex Sansha Annex Serpentis Annex (faction) Annex Angel Mineral Acquisition Outpost
  • to C5 (N432)
  • Regional (pirate) Data Mining Site
  • Regional (pirate) Data Terminal
  • Decayed (pirate) Lone Vessel
  • Decayed (pirate) Rock Formations
  • Ransacked (pirate) Collision Site
  • Ransacked (pirate) Demolished Station
Average Crokite, Dark Ochre and Gneiss Deposit Large Dark Ochre and Gneiss Deposit Crimson Nebula
  • (pirate) Chemical Lab
  • (pirate) Gas Processing Site
7.95 AU Average Spodumain, Crokite and Dark OChre Deposit
  • Regional (pirate) Secure Server
  • Regional (pirate) Backup Server
  • Decayed (pirate) Quarry
  • Decayed (pirate) Mining Installation
  • Ransacked (pirate) Ship Graveyard
  • Ransacked (pirate) Ruined Station
CHAIN Mindflood Distribution Base PDW-09FX Frentix Distribution Base H-PA Crew Blue Pill Distribution Base Elohim X-Instinct Distribution Base H-PA Crew Crash Distribution Base Elohim Sooth Sayer Distribution Base Core Runner Drop Distribution Core Runner Exile Distribution Base
* Rogue Drone 3/10 (Rogue Drone Asteroid Infestation) appears in low-sec with same strength as pirate 4/10s.
** Requires "Ammatar Navy Raid Leader Insignia" to enter.
*** Sansha DED 3/10 allegedly appears in low-sec, unsure if bug or Working As Intended(tm).