Deep Space Probes will be removed from the game with EVE Online - Odyssey expansion on Tuesday 4 June 2013.
So long, and thanks for all the fish o7

Online list of exploration signatures:

Downloadable versions:


I would like to thank the following people for their help in putting all this together: (in no particular order)
HTC NecoSino for figuring out the Odyssey expansion DSP method
Emperor Salazar/xxSketchxx for his DSP Strength Predictions sheet on which mine is based
Daesis Wrack for providing me with the strength formula
Aandaan, Daneel Trevize, Kirian Kador and ReguIator for the wormhole data they collected
5nipe, Cassius Vaughn, Commander Xian, demosthenes62, Freon Solari, James J Hill, Khalia Nestune, Kurst I, LuTaW CapaAQu, Loco 888, Melinda Lin MissileClub, Rubinia Valeska, Suleiman Shouaa, Yumi Ka'Tira and Wormerling for their #Exploration, EVE mail and/or forum contributions
All the regulars from "Exploration" channel in game (I'm not going to name you because I'll end up missing someone), all the players who've shared their knowledge on the forums (with a special mention going out to DeMichael Crimson, Elisa Fir & Miss Moonwych), and last but not least, to all the pirates who didn't shoot me while I was out collecting data.